Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rebecca Rebouche:Touring Talent

All artwork by Rebecca Rebouche

Rebecca Rebouche is a nationally touring artist whose work will grace the cover of Austin, Texas, based Rare Magazine's August issue. This is one rising star to watch.

What medium do you typically work in?
I work in paint-based mixed media, which includes acrylic paint and collaged paper, fabric, stitching, sewing, graphite, china marker, taping and various gels and modeling pastes. Most of my work is two-dimensional; however, I have been expanding my range to include soft-sculpture, textiles and installations.

What inspires your work?
Typically I go about my day with a watchful eye, and when I see something I like I take a mental photo of it, later sketching it and using those sketches as a sort of language of symbols. I then use those symbols to make visual sentences or haiku's with my work.

Tell me about the tour you are on right now?
I have been showing this body of work since October 2007, and I am currently in my very exciting first year as an emerging artist. I don't yet have a gallery or any solid representation, which is an exciting time of possibility and unknowns. Right now I am showing my work circus style, at national open-air Art Festivals around the country. I am on a two-month tour that has taken me from Chattanooga, Tenn., to Virginia Beach, then to Des Moines, and now I am in Denver. Next I make a long haul over to Jackson Hole, Wyo. for a show and some camping in the Tetons.

What music are you listening to on the road?
Theresa Andersson's new EP "I the River," which gives me exciting fantasies of hula hoops and birds and flying. I can't wait for her new album "Hummingbird Go!" Also Beirut, some Talking Heads when necessary, and trusty iPod mix-lists.

Is selling your artwork your primary job?
Yes, it's surreal to say so, and a dream come true. I am a full-time artist. (It's possible. Don't believe what they tell you.) hehe.
I have a Website, two blogs and an Etsy shop. I sell my work at art markets and festivals in the New Orleans area and at national art festivals. I also accept illustration assignments and some commissions when they move me.

What has been the most interesting job you've had in the arts?
Well, I worked in advertising for four years after school--prior to doing this artist life -- and it's something that I'm glad I did. The ad world is very interesting and provides for lots of fun times, weird stories, late nights and strange people, and in many ways prepared me for this more autonomous "artist job."

What will you do when you return from your tour?
Well, after returning to New Orleans for a hot second in August I have a show in Austin on Aug. 23 in conjunction with the release of RARE magazine August issue, for which I am the cover artist! The show will be the RARE August launch party, held at the hip eco-friendly clothing boutique, Montage Clothings. I'm looking forward to a fun night of sweet art, earth-friendly fashion, a projected style show in the courtyard, circus tent dressing rooms, hula hoops, sparkly tonics and good music.
After that, the slide into fall is full of unknowns... more national art shows on the horizon, including one in Bar Harbor, Minn. and one in Atlanta. Anyone interested can stay tuned to my site and blogs for all the dish.
Ans, I'm looking forward to the exciting and unprecedented first-ever biennial in New Orleans, "Prospect"(Nov. 2008-Jan. 2009). I don't have any legitimate representation to be included in the Biennial per se, but expect to see my work in a mobile gallery, roaming the streets of New Orleans and stopping for anyone with a wandering art-loving eye.


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