Monday, July 7, 2008

Pressa Russa: Offbeat Letterpress Stationery

1. "I Can't Wait to Start Trig!" is a large Moleskine journal with graph pages. 2. "I Spy" comes in a set of four mini button notecards and envelopes.

Pressa Russa: the letterpress stationery of Lisa Smith
Smith has a bachelor's degree in fine art from Louisiana State University and has been featured on numerous blogs.

Where are you from?
Born in Louisiana. As an Army brat I traveled like a gypsy as a kid.

"Smokin', Drinkin' & Loud Music" comes in a set of eight invitations and envelopes.

Where do you currently live?
After a brief 1 1/2 year stint in England (England Air Force Base) I now live in Shreveport.

How did you get started with letterpress?
After years of being fascinated with the process of setting up pages manually with moveable type and images, I decided to save my pennies and buy a press. I was lucky enough to find a 5 x 8 tabletop press on Ebay that was being sold by the granddaughter of a former printer.
When it arrived I'll admit I didn't have a clue how to use it, but after reading several books and lots of trial and error I have taught myself the basics of letterpress. Unfortunately there is not a letterpress "community" here in northwest Louisiana, but I often visit letterpress sites to pick up tips about ink, paper, etc.

What is your studio space like?

My studio is set up in what was the wet bar of my house. It's the perfect size with counter space, cabinets and a sink.

1. Set of four mini notecards and envelopes "Open Wounds From the Cutting Edge." 2. Wire bound hardback journal, "Come On" red Triumph.

What inspires your work?
I love bright colors and bold images; I think that comes through in both my shops.

What artists, if any, have been inspirational?
Oh, I love artists who combine words and images.
-- Banksy
-- Andy Warhol
-- graffiti
-- album art

Have you exhibited anywhere?
I have exhibited my paintings in Shreveport. If you're an artist today, the Internet has really opened the door to worldwide exposure!

What do you hope for the future of Pressa Russa?
Well, I've sold enough to pay for the press, so actually I've met my initial goal. As for the future, as long as I sell enough to pay for the ink and paper I'm a happy camper!